Liner Catalog

We are manufacturing a wide range of Centrifugally Cast Cylinder liners for various Diesel Engines applications. Our manufacturing unit with a present capacity to manufacture appx. 30000 liners per month is capable of manufacturing all types of centrifugal cast liners from 60 mm to 150 mm both wet and dry type.

Our complete range of wet and dry cylinder liners includes static cast iron, centrifugally cast iron, regular brinell and high brinell (both induction hardened and thru-hardened), cut-to-length and universal sleeves to salvage non-sleeved blocks.

Induction and thru-hardened liners are available for selected applications to provide prolonged service life, reduced wear, and increase resistance to scuffing.

Our wet sleeves, designed for applications where the block has water contacting the sleeve, utilize sealing rings to keep water and oil from coming together.

Our Liners possesses the bearing metal qualities that cause skin healing after abrasion and a structure that is readily wetted by oil and retains an oil film. Corrosion resistance is further improved by adding Chromium in the metal. We have achieved better hardness, machinability, tensile strength and wear-resistance by further alloying with Chromium Copper, Nickel, Molybdenum and Vanadium to suit the specifications of our customers.