Piston Catalog

We manufacture pistons with diameters ranging from 35 mm to 150 mm . Machined in a State of the Art manufacturing facility, our current design includes Gravity cast pistons, Forged Pistons, Ni-resist pistons, Control expansion pistons, 2 piece pistons (Steel & Aluminum), Dual Ni-resist Pistons, Fibre Reinforced pistons made of Eutectic and Hyper-Eutectic alloys.

Pistons are manufactured under strict quality control utilizing Statistical Process Control (SPC) to make sure they are the highest quality pistons manufactured. Pistons are manufactured from premium aluminum alloys for reduced weight, greater strength and superior hardness. Our robust design ensures efficient operation over extended periods besides Resistance to wear ring grooves, skirt, and gudgeon pin hole is greatly increased.

Some features of our pistons are as follows:

* Alfin pistons to reduce top groove wear prolonging piston life.

* Controlled expansion of skirt thus reducing piston to bore clearance.

* Scupper slot design to more effectively drain scraped oil.

* Optimized skirt profile for reduced friction, reduced noise and better oil control.

* Optimized double oval polar profile for good bedding in of skirt, better oil control and
reduced noise.

The pistons are supplied with pin, circlips and rings.