Valves Catalog

We provide quality engine valves for almost any application. Even though dimensional conformity to the latest available O.E.M. prints is strictly enforced, we find it necessary to offer a variety of material content to accomodate many different conditions that affect engine valve life and performance.

We manufacture valves in many different materials like Stainless Steel, Nimonic, Inconel, Titanium, etc. There are different alloys, heat treatments and coatings used for different applications.

The Engine Valve can be either Bi-metal (i.e. either Friction Welded or Projection Welded ) or it can be Uni Metal.

The Valves are Hard Facing which is done to increase the wear resistance at elevated temperature. The process is carried out by depositing hard facing material on the seat area of the valve by Plasma Transferred Arc Method. The various types of Hard Facing material used are :
Stellite 6, Stellite 1 ,Stellite F, Stellite 12 and Nickel 60

The various methods by which Surface of the Valve stem is coated are :
Chrome Plated, Nitrided, Tufftrided and Plasma Nitrided.

There are numerous Head Styles and Groove styles to fit different applications .